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How to Score in the Term End Exam of IGNOU

How to Score in the Term End Exam of IGNOU


IGNOU, the name says it all, is one of the most exceptional distance education institutions to be found in the country. Giving wings to a plethora of students from worldwide, it has turned out to be the best that can’t be ignored at all. It is all due to the level of education and worth of term-end examination that carves out master students. To do well in the term examination and let the colours shine in the IGNOU Grade Card, here are some profitable suggestions.


Crisp Your Knowledge in the Term End Paper 


Yes, you read it right, unless you concise the knowledge about the subject on the question paper, it will not guide you towards grabbing good grades. Stay to the point of the question and answer only what has been asked for. While writing the answers for your term end, act smart and make them well organized with


  • Pictures
  • Diagrams
  • Tables
  • Heading with sub heading
  • Mention points with heading whenever required


Case Studies and Example Always Plays the Role 


To attain the qualifying marks in your IGNOU score card, you must try the magic of case studies and examples as it never goes wrong. The one who is validating your answer sheet will get to know the answer just by going through the examples and will gift you with almost full marks.


Don’t Write in the Bookish Language 


Students of IGNOU who are on the verge of writing the term-end examination must not mug and sit in the examination as it will create more problems. There are many students who sketch down the bookish language on the paper and hereby get under the attention of the examination department. Therefore, it is better to write the answers in your own language. It will save your time while preparing and writing the exams together.


Save Hand for Additional Marks 


Might you be fascinated with the point, right? To score more marks in your IGNOU term-end examination, spend time in solving more and more previous question papers and sample papers. It is the easy way out, and you can get these papers from the online portal of IGNOU itself.


Plan the Assignments Smartly and Before Date 


It is said that if you are preparing for the IGNOU examination, then nothing more can help you other than the assignments. The assignment or the project work should be planned at least two to three months prior the main examination. Assignments will serve the purpose of your preparation until half way round.


Think Twice Before Attempting the Questions 


Multiple questions will be there in your term end paper crafted by IGNOU, so it is your sole responsibility to pick the right ones. Don’t be in a hurry, for the reason that it might make you struggle in the middle ground. After that, it won’t be easy to get along with the preferred question at all.


Leave out all your worries and breathe down the tips shared above. It will take you to the respected companies, and you might start a new start-up of yours with the degree attained from IGNOU.


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